Standard Features: 
  • Drupal 7.x compatible
  • Three level dropdown menu
  • Support dynamic display block slideshow module with individual theme
  • 24 block regions: header, two navigation bars, search box, showcase upper & lower left and right, four main top, two content top & two content bottom plus right sidebar, four footer upper & four footer lower blocks with closure. See available regions below for detail
  • 100% CSS driven
Special Features: 
  • Nine Color Options
    Blue, Brown, Cherry, Cyan, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, and Yellow
  • Responsive Design
    See the dynamic change of theme styles & layouts by resizing the browser. Tested on PC, iPhone & iPad.
  • Showcase
    Large and dynamic showcase header display rotating headline beautifully.
  • Tabbed Block
    Show multiple block content under only one block region with clickable tab.
  • Slider Gallery
    Smooth image display effect that transform your images into a trendy slide show.
  • Typography
    Make your visitor happy, we integrated some popular style including Drop caps, Inset, etc.
  • Blog
    Separated blog post layout, detailed comment post also support user’s avatar picture.

Feverultra 7.x - 27.

After months of redesign, we can finally release the Feverultra 7.x*. Feverultra 7.x is an upgrade version of original Feverultra which means all previous owners of this theme can get a free upgrade.

The new Feverultra has lots of fantastic features. It is first responsive theme* we have created. By resizing your browser, you can see the dynamic change of our theme styles & layouts. For example the showcase, by shrinking or expanding the browser Feverultra’s showcase navigation style change dramatically. This way it can fit smaller device like a mobile phone or a tablet.

Feverultra use very little images. If you don’t count the icons, theme itself only use two images. It reduces server calls nicely. Since it uses very little images, we feel that it is really not necessary to include a PSD file*. Anything you wish to change, you can change it directly by style sheet.

Other features include, nine stunning color schemes, two quicktab styles, two slider gallery styles. Unique blog post layout with clean comment post design. As always, we deliver our theme with required modules. To make it easier, we setup the Feature module for Feverultra 7.x too. One click, new content types and views will all be imported. Feverultra has successfully passed XTHML + CSS W3C standard check. To see our fantastic new theme with many great features, click on demo icon!

*Feverultra will only support Drupal 7.x from now on.
*Responsive features only tested on PC, iphone & ipad.
*Feverultra doesn’t come with PSD file.


  • Single Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for ONE Internet/Intranet website domain ONLY
  • Triple Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for THREE Internet/Intranet website domains.
  • Developer Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for UNLIMITED Internet/Intranet website domains.

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