Standard Features: 
  • Drupal 6.x compatible
  • 2 level dropdown navigation menu
  • Support dynamic display block slideshow module with individual theme
  • 16 block regions: navigation bar, showcase, four main top, content top & content bottom,  left & right sidebar, four footer blocks plus closure. See available regions below for detail
  • 100% CSS driven
  • Tested & support modern browsers
Special Features: 
  • Five Color Options
    Blue, gold, pink, coffee and wooden.
  • Showcase
    Large and dynamic showcase header display rotating headline beautifully.
  • Sidebar Switch
    3 columns style with flexible sidebar layout.
  • Blog
    Separated blog post layout, detailed comment post also support user’s avatar picture.

Eclipse - 31.

We release a new drupal theme - Eclipse. Eclipse can be used for both business and personal purpose. It has five eye-catching styles blue, gold, pink, coffee and wooden. Large showcase with unique display. Detailed blog post with clean comment. Flexible sidebar layout to fit all your needs.

Don't like all sidebars on the right? Wish the layout just a bit different? Well we give Eclipse theme a sidebar switch to allow you easily change the layout. Now you can select three different layout options from content + left + right / left + right + content / left + content + right.

Five Eclipse theme styles can be very different from one to another. To run a personal portfolio site then pink or wooden style can fit nicely. To run a business site try gold or blue, it gives your site a professional and luxury looks.We also integrated Cufon with Eclipse theme. Cufon is fast text replacement technique with canvas and VML. It displays font smooth and beautifully yet without a single image. See it yourself on our live demonstration.

  • Single Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for ONE Internet/Intranet website domain ONLY
  • Triple Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for THREE Internet/Intranet website domains.
  • Developer Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for UNLIMITED Internet/Intranet website domains.

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