Standard Features: 
  • Drupal 6.x compatible
  • 3 columns style with sidebar on the right
  • 2 level dropdown navigation menu
  • Support dynamic display block slideshow module with individual theme
  • 17 block regions: search, header, navigation bar, showcase, main top & four main bottoms, top sidebar, left & right sidebar, four footer blocks plus closure. See available regions below for detail
  • 100% CSS driven
  • Tested & support modern browsers
Special Features: 
  • Three Scenes
    Ocean, Summer Dream, Watercolor.
  • Showcase
    Large and dynamic showcase header display rotating headline beautifully.
  • Tabbed Block
    Show multiple block content under only one block region with clickable tab.
  • Blog
    Separated blog post layout, detailed comment post also support user’s avatar picture.

Aurora - 30.

Aurora has special transparent frame design. It allow your website change scene dramatically. With different background, the website can have completely new look.

Aurora theme contains three scenes: Ocean, Summer Dream, Watercolor. Feel like being creative? Then create your own scene and set it as background. See how different it can be.

Aurora theme has large showcase header with thumbnail pager. It is prefect layout to showcase your art work. We also integrated Cufon with Aurora theme. Cufon is fast text replacement technique with canvas and VML. It displays font smooth and beautifully yet without a single image. See it yourself on our live demonstration.

  • Single Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for ONE Internet/Intranet website domain ONLY
  • Triple Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for THREE Internet/Intranet website domains.
  • Developer Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for UNLIMITED Internet/Intranet website domains.

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