Standard Features: 
  • Drupal 6.x compatible
  • 3 columns style with sidebar on both side
  • 2 level droplist navigation menu
  • Support dynamic display block slideshow module with individual theme
  • 16 block regions: header, navigation bar, showcase left and right, content top & four content bottom, left & right sidebar, four footer blocks plus closure. See available regions below for detail
  • 100% CSS driven
  • Tested & support modern browsers
Special Features: 
  • Five Color Options
    Blue, green, orange, steel blue and dark red.
  • Showcase
    Large and dynamic showcase header display rotating headline beautifully.
  • Tabbed Block
    Show multiple block content under only one block region with clickable tab.
  • Slider Gallery
    Smooth image display effect that transform your images into a trendy slide show.

Omniforce - 29.

September theme - Omniforce is a multi-purpose and stylish magazine theme. It has five sharp colors and unique layout that is aimed to give your website a more professional look and feel.

Omniforce theme has large showcase header with thumbnail pager plus headline zone for news or popular articles. Unique content layout can help you build a more complex website. Five sharp colors, blue, green, orange, steel blue and red with rich dark background.

We also implement two nice features from previous Fivestar Express theme: Tabbed Block and Slider Gallery. Tabbed block function can merge multiple block into one single tabbed block region. It is a great way to show content in the same category. Slider Gallery is a smooth image display effect. It can transform your grouped images into a trendy slide show. See it yourself on our live demonstration.

NOTICE: Please check Drupal version compatibility under demo icon before purchase.

  • Single Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for ONE Internet/Intranet website domain ONLY
  • Triple Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for THREE Internet/Intranet website domains.
  • Developer Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for UNLIMITED Internet/Intranet website domains.
For more detailed license usage, please check Terms of Service page.