Standard Features: 
  • Drupal 6.x & 7.x compatible
  • 3 level Superfish Menu & Mega Menu
  • 30 block regions
  • 100% CSS driven
Special Features: 
  • Nine Color Options
    Blue, Brown, Cherry, Cyan, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, and Yellow
  • Two Menu Styles
    Drop Down Superfish Menu & Mega Menu
  • Showcase Styles
    Large and dynamic showcase header display rotating headline beautifully.
  • Tabbed Block
    Show multiple block content under only one block region with clickable tab.
  • Slider Gallery
    Smooth image display effect that transform your images into a trendy slide show.
  • Multiple Columns
    Show content with columns. Different layout gives different viewing experience.
  • Typography
    Make your visitor happy, we integrated some popular style including Drop caps, Inset, etc.
  • Blog
    Separated blog post layout, detailed comment post also support user’s avatar picture.

Echo - 15.

We release our latest design – Echo. Echo is another well-designed magazine style Drupal theme. It has many fantastic features just like Vivacity and Insight theme. Including multi-columns layout, improved mega menu, showcase, slider gallery, spotlight and many more. Echo 7.x just released!

To ensure Echo theme achieve higher standard, it went through a long polishing process. Don’t let a magazine style theme fool you. Echo implemented CSS sprite technique. It actually use very little images. It gives a high traffic website a great starting point. Echo is also a very flexible theme with thirty block regions in total. By turning blocks on/off you can have variety layouts present to your visitors. Plus nine color scheme combinations, you can change the look in an instant.

By using Echo’s new multi-columns, you can show off your home page into a double or triple columns style. You can also categorise your articles and make your readers easier to find and read your latest posts. Triple columns style can also show additional images. It gives your home page a much better looks. With the new look and countless features like showcase, gallery, spotlight and custom blog post block, you can really turn your site around and impress your visitors or clients.

Just like the others, we use JavaScript to include the CSS3 style sheet. So Echo successfully passed XTHML + CSS W3C standard check. As usual, we deliver our theme with PSD file and required modules. To make user’s life easier, we setup the Feature module for Echo too. One click, all the new content types and views will be imported. To see our latest new theme with many fantastic features please click on demo icon!

  • Single Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for ONE Internet/Intranet website domain ONLY
  • Triple Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for THREE Internet/Intranet website domains.
  • Developer Website License: This license allows you to use the theme for UNLIMITED Internet/Intranet website domains.

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